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03 Jul

There are very many alternatives to choose from when one decides to cover his or her garden. It is also important to acknowledge that each type of ground cover one uses for landscaping has its own pros and cons. The best type of all them all is the pine straw ground cover. When time goes by the pine trees tend to shed their leaves and that is why they are majorly referred to as pine straws. These pine straws are the ones used for landscaping or mulching. The pine straws would often come in different types and sizes. It comes in three types which are majorly the longleaf, slash, and loblolly.

Pine straw is very easy to spread. This is major because you will only have to carry the pine straw bale to the place you want to work upon. Secondly, cut the thread then ensure to pick so many straws. You would then have to shake them to form a feathery sheet. After that, you could either wait for the rain or water the place by yourself or wait upon results. The rain or water for that matter would not wash away the ground cover. In fact, pine straw can also be used to prevent soil erosion.

When you use pine straw for landscaping, you will be assured of longevity. This is because it lasts for the longest time. It takes so much time to start rotting and even when it rots it does so at a very slow rate. One is advised to change it regularly so as to retain the lovely color that comes with it and also get to add some depth. The good thing is that you would not have to redo the whole layer as you did before.  Be sure to view here for more details!

The best thickness when using pine straw for landscaping is two point five to about three inches. However, on other occasions, people would use five to six inches and still be successful in the whole landscaping thing. The deeper it goes then the best it becomes. This becomes when it goes deep it is able to retain only so much water. Moreover, it would also reduce weeds.  Learn more now!

When using pine straw you should ensure that you leave some space for air to circulate freely. By leaving minimal space you will also be protecting the garden from the harmful insects because they would be experiencing limited routes. It is therefore important to know that pine straw is cheap and effective in very many ways. You might want to check this website at http://www.encyclopedia.com/plants-and-animals/agriculture-and-horticulture/horticulture/landscape-gardening for more info about landscaping.

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